Facebook Messenger Marketing Guide: Chatbots

Facebook Messenger Marketing Guide: Chatbots

Messenger marketing enables you to offer your products and services to your potential customers by taking advantage of applications such as Facebook Messenger. Brands that want to expand their customer portfolio prefer artificial intelligence-supported ChatBots to use Facebook Messenger more effectively.


Traditional messaging services such as text messaging and e-mail are gradually losing their popularity with the spread of many digital applications offered for this field today. Companies that continue to use traditional methods have difficulty reaching their potential customers, whose preferences have changed over time. In this section, you will learn details on how you can develop your customer portfolio with the Facebook Messenger application, which is expected to become the number one marketing tool in the coming period.




What is Facebook Messenger Marketing?

Facebook Messenger is a mobile messaging application developed by Facebook, one of the largest social media platforms in the world. An application used by approximately 1.3 billion people around the world actively; it offers written, audio, and video calls together for its users.


Messenger, which keeps the conversations in high security with its end-to-end encryption feature, has many auxiliary services that will create bilateral interaction other than messaging.


Messenger marketing enables you to offer your products and services to your potential customers by taking advantage of applications such as Facebook Messenger. Messenger marketing, who is preferred for the first time in developed countries such as China and has become widespread over time, is at the top of the new generation online marketing methods.


In the new generation online sales methods, ChatBots with artificial intelligence are preferred. Artificial intelligence-supported ChatBots are actively used by companies working with social platforms as well as Facebook Messenger. In addition to online marketing, these bots are also used to produce quick solutions to the problems that customers experience after-sales.




What is the difference between the Facebook Messenger Bot from other bots? 

The ChatBot system, which is not specific to the Messenger platform, is also highly preferred by many similar platforms. However, the bot system offered by Facebook Messenger has a different working structure as it is slightly more comprehensive than other bots. The comprehensive structure of the platform brings many advantages to both companies and customers.


The most significant difference of the Messenger bot from other bots is that it highlights its corporate brand identity. Potential customers; He shares his personal information, especially Facebook profile photo and contact information, with the boat in line with his own wishes. On other platforms, since this information is not available afterward, there are essential problems in returning to the customer.


You can automatically send “online push” notifications to people who send messages to your page using the Facebook Messenger bot. By reminding your potential customers from time to time to the campaigns and opportunities, you create;increase not only the sales statistics, but also increase the confidence on the customer side.


The Messenger platform is an essential sales area for building a continuous customer portfolio. If you create an online advertising budget, you can send messages that will promote your brand to different audiences with the ChatBot system. According to statistics, this kind of advertising works can create a new sales opportunity by affecting approximately 4% of the target audience. In other words, by saving time and manpower, you can gain four new customers from your target audience.




Why Good Marketers Use Facebook Messenger

Facebook, which is considered as an essential medium for organic mass creation by marketers, has lost this feature with the increase in advertisements in the past periods. Today, Facebook is not preferred by brands for native advertising.



Facebook Messenger continues to be used by less than 1% for promotional purposes.



The chat-oriented marketing method makes advances that will increase in value in the long run. The main reason for this is the widespread use of ChatBot. The data that Facebook shares for businesses also supports this. According to the popular social media platform, 1.3 billion active Messenger users are the target audience for brands. 7 out of 10 people trust the brand more because they can send messages and interact with businesses via Messenger. This puffs the appetite of successful marketing professionals.


Software that automates communication also minimizes the monetary value paid per customer, as it facilitates businesses to reach the masses. In addition, as Artificial Intelligence-supported ChatBot systems categorize the target audience within itself, they develop solutions that directly target the wishes and needs of customers.


If you have a long-term marketing plan, you can add Messenger support with ChatBot infrastructure. This low-cost step will be beneficial for you to open up to new audiences in the future.